What sizes are available?
YesIt also has the function of electricity return and skin detection. It can measure the oil and water on the skin and display it on the LCD screen.

Can i add green tea or serums to it?
Yes of course.our nano mist spray can be used together with other liquid skin care product, like pure milk and toner ect,the ratio of mineral water to them 1:9 for best results

Can I use this with alcohol to serve as a portable disinfector?

Does it have to be charged to spray?
The facial screamer is portable and rechargeable,You could charge it and then start your use without a constraint of an cable

Can purified water that comes out from your nano sprayer cure eyelash extensions?

Will you be adding more products?
We are focused on sourcing the best products for our customers, as a result, we are constantly researching and adding new quality products to our store. This is our main mission and goal so we strive for excellence in satisfying our customers with a great experience and a Diverse unique selection of products!